BYD electric forklift ECB18C triumphs at CeMAT

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BYD electric forklift ECB18C triumphs at CeMAT

Hanover 31/05/2016: The first exhibition appearance of the BYD electric forklift ECB18C at CeMAT, where it was awarded the IFOY Award by a selected international jury from economic, science and technical media, caused a sensation. Directly after its nomination, the forklift was introduced with the following assessment: "The BYD electric forklift does not need to fear comparison with its European competitors. On the contrary, BYD electric forklifts offer a real added value for the operators with their economic and sustainable battery technology," said a member of the jury. Visitors to the BYD booth at CeMAT were thrilled by the IFOY test winner and the other BYD exhibition innovations such as low and high platform trucks and tractors.



IFOY Award 2016 Winner BYD ECB18C

IFOY Award 2016 Winner BYD ECB18C


"We are very pleased with our victory and the IFOY AWARD for our BYD electric forklift ECB18C in the category of counterbalance forklifts up to a loading capacity of 3.5tons. This award is also a confirmation of the outstanding advantages of this forklift series," says Javier ContijochDirector BYD Forklift Europe.


Group picture BYD with the award and dealers on stage

Group picture BYD with the award and dealers on stage



According to the current IFOY innovation report, the advantages of the Iron-Phosphate technology as a real innovation are of particular importance. The "use of Iron-Phosphate as the cathode material offers significant advantagesThe battery has a higher output density, which has positive effects in particular for forklifts”. A "longer lifetime and improved operating safety" is confirmed. Longer working times in refrigerated warehouses are possible "due to a low temperature resistance down to minus 40°C." Working at temperatures up to 60°C is also no problem. The environmental compatibility and cheap disposal of the battery are achieved by "not using cobalt" as well as a "lower lithium demand."


In fact: the original BYD Iron-Phosphate battery has unique features which offer unparalleled operating cost savings. For all BYD products, machines and technology units, the original BYD Iron-Phosphate battery plays an indispensable key role.


BYD electric forklifts offer investors a completely efficiency perspective


The management of companies operating BYD forklift trucks can act now to reduce investment, always a top-level issue. Operating cost savings of up to 40% due to the latest maintenance-free Iron-Phosphate battery in combination with the user-friendly high-speed charging technology of BYD make the decision much easier. As fantastic as the savings effect sounds, they have been fully proven. No other applied technology in the materials handling/logistics processes has such a comparable enormous savings potential.


The difference between conventional, traditional lead-acid batteries and the original BYD Iron-Phosphate


batteries is simply too great, and the advantages are clear to see. The exciting features of the original BYD Iron-Phosphate battery are its ultra-long lifetime and an exceptional warranty of 8 years or 10,000 operating hours. The forklift may continue to be used for many years after the warranty time has expired, since at least 65% of the battery capacity is still available. The charging system means there are no battery gases to escape and this saves costs for expensive special charging rooms.


The innovations that BYD has presented under the slogan "Save money - Save battery - Safe future" at the world’s leading exhibition for intra-logistics, CeMAT in Hanover at the beginning of June 2016, shows the passionate commitment of the engineers and designers to advance the innovations in the electric forklifts segment and as a full-line provider for storage technology.


ECB electric forklift - that's what a winner looks


The BYD electric forklifts of all loading capacity classes offer full power right from the start. The ECB 18C with a loading capacity of 1.8tons and three wheels is intended for transport and lifting purposes in many areas. The latest energy source and energy transfer technology consisting of a permanently installed, maintenance-free, original BYD Iron-Phosphate battery and a portable BYD high-speed charging unit with 80V sets new efficiency standards. The 1.8ton vehicle receives its energy from an 80V, 230Ah BYD Iron-Phosphate battery.



Winning model ECB18C


BYD moves the future


BYD offers a powerful network of local dealers for intra-logistics equipment in Germany, the Netherlands,


Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, U.K. and Portugal. A dealer network is in the process of being established in France, Spain, Austria and other European countries.


Many decision makers have already recognized that the usage of the original BYD battery future technology offers their companies a significant advantage. If companies want to benefit from the efficiency potentials of the economically working BYD electric forklifts and storage technology devices, they must make the right decisions on the top level of management. Drive and energy source systems in intra-logistics, which are harmful to the environment and only used out of habit, should be replaced by efficient long-time functional BYD battery technology.


An enormous operating cost saving of up to 40% by using the BYD Iron-Phosphate battery technology can have a positive effect on the competitiveness of companies all over the world. In the meantime, BYD pushes forward the development of efficient, environment-friendly concepts for material handling, people transport and energy management.


Double exhibition premiere


As well as the IFOY Award winner, BYD also launched at CeMAT 2016 the low platform truck PTP20H with a loading capacity of 2 tons and the high platform truck EPS14 with a loading capacity of 1400kg. Another BYD innovation for production areas where forklifts cannot be used is the electric tractor T50 with a trailer payload of 5tons and powerful, maintenance-free 48V AC three-phase current drive is used for tugger and logistics trains.


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