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• BYD Forklift started operations in 2010 in Shaoguan (China), with a one million m2 – 50.000 units per year factory, equipped with the latest manufacturing technology such as automatic robot welding. The BYD forklifts have been since then marketed in China, and will be sold and serviced in all of Europe starting 2014. The BYD Forklift Europe headquarters is located since 2013 in Rotterdam.

• Today, the BYD forklift product range includes a counterbalance forklift, a pallet truck, an electric stacker and a reach truck. They make full use of the BYD’s well developed and reliable Fe Battery and Battery Management system to ensure lower operation costs and high operator satisfaction.

•  I'm Ding Hao Peng, director of BYD NEW ENERGY FORKLIFT CO., LTD. here I would like to introduce our team to you: BYD Vietnam forklift team is always dedicated to serving customers. Despite the difficult epidemic situation, our company always takes care of each customer and ensures the quality of "regular maintenance, timely maintenance" for you. Our company sincerely thanks you for trusting and choosing BYD electric forklift!

1995   :

February: BYD Company founded, with capital of RMB2.5 million and 20 members, and listed in the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. Wang Chuan Fu - Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer.

1996   :

July: Received ISO9002 certification.

1997   :

Began manufacturing Li-ion battery.

1998   :

December: Received ISO9001 certification. December: BYD Europe B.V. founded.

1999   :

October: BYD Shenzhen Kuichong Plant set up and put into commission. November: BYD America Corp. founded.

2000   :

Received UL certification. January: Received ISO14001:1996 certification.

2002   :

May: Received QS-9000 certification.

2008   :

September 27th: MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co, a unit of US billionaire investor Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc., took an approximately 10% stake. The total value of the investment      was approximately HK$1.8 billion or US$230 million.

2010   :

BYD Forklift started operations in 2010 in Shaoguan (China), with a one million m2 – 50.000 units per year factory, equipped with the latest manufacturing technology such as automatic robot welding. Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co. Ltd.(DENZA), a joint venture between BYD and Daimler AG

2014  :

DENZA signed strategic charging partnership with ABB to build the world’s largest charging network in China.

2016  :

BYD forklift won the world’s best forklift truck of the year for IFOY Award 2016 in the category “Counter Balanced Truck up to 3.5 t”. IFOY – International Forklift of the Year.


-The International Forklift Awards (IFOY) announced the shortlist of five awards, BYB's ECB50 counterbalanced forklift was successfully nominated. This is the nomination after BYD Forklift won the award in 2016. It is also the only Chinese company that has been continuously awarded and nominated.

- In June, BYD Forklift won the bidding contract for the share of 1.5-5 tons of clean energy forklifts for BMW Germany in the next three years


- In July, Toyota signed a contract with BYD to jointly develop pure electric and clean energy projects


- BYD continues to research and develop new technologies for iron batteries. In January, BYD announced that it has successfully developed "blade battery", which not only reduces weight but also significantly increases battery running endurance. The blade battery will be mass-produced in this year and used in the field of electric vehicles first.

- In March, BYD successfully developed the "double-head charger" technology for 4-5 ton forklifts, which greatly shortened the charging time and increased the efficiency of customers.


- BYD successfully developed "Blade Battery" and announced all pure EV series equipped with this new battery tech on April, 2021. The Breakthrough technology is set to redefine EV driving endurance and safety standards.

- BYD sold staggering 80000 plug-in cars in Oct.2021, which is nearly twice as much as Tesla’s global sales, restoring the top sales in world brand ranking



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